Are you going to get up on skis and are looking for a place where crowds of sophisticated tourists do not go? Try the Pyrenees, namely Andorra. In a small snowy kingdom, in a ski country, nestled in the mountains between France and Spain, you will find a variety of the best tracks! In recent years, mainly young skiers and snowboarders have adapted to Andorra. But regardless of age, tourists are attracted by the low cost of tours, excellent skiing, impeccable service and après-ski for every taste. Rest for the soul will be found here by lovers of active recreation, beginner skiers, families with children. Going on vacation just a week, you can dilute the downhill skiing excursions in the capital of the Spanish Catalonia. Come up with a program of rest (from 2 to 28 nights) according to your own scenario will allow you to tour “Hotel Only”.

In Little Andorra, the sunniest ski resort in Europe, there are 235 km of snow trails and hotels for every taste – from mansions to cozy, economical houses. Andorra is so small that during the holidays you can catch up to holidays in all districts of the country!
The season in Andorra opens in early December. And on New Year’s days, little Andorra is one big holiday. However, the main thing here – the mountains and skis. Andorra is the signature offer of our “menu”, a winter hit to try!

Recently, the resort area around Arinsal station has been expanding – hotels are being built, new tracks have appeared (there are about 65 km, most of them pass through the forest). Most of the tracks are red or blue. The place is known for interesting après-ski – many bars, restaurants, clubs. This is an ideal place for beginners and intermediate skiers, who, besides spending time on skis, also want to have a good time.

Pal Station is a quiet place, however, skiers of average level of training come here, there are several black tracks here. Pal is good for family holidays. In the meantime, mom-dads ski, look after the kids.

In Pas de La Casa – the station at an altitude of 2750-0_bgblur_050 meters above sea level – most of the winter is perfectly snowy conditions, and the season lasts until April. Bars and restaurants here are many, as well as trails for skiers and snowboarders.

Super ski-pass subscription provides the opportunity to ski in all resorts (Grand Valira and Pal-Arinsal).
Attention! The secret of ski equipment … is that it is beneficial to acquire it in Andorra! Experienced travelers know that in this country of duty-free trade, many things are more accessible!

In the resort towns of Andorra we highly recommend the following hotels: Andorra Center 4 *, Magic Andorra 4 *, Salvia 3 *, Cervol 3 * in the capital of the principality and hotels Shusski 4 *, Guillem 4 *, Encamp 3 *, Griu 2 * in Encamp; or hotels in Pas de la Casa: Himalaia Pas 4 *, Sporting 3 *, Cristina 3 *; Good choice in Soldeu area – hotels Himalaia Soldeu 4 *, Sport Hotel Hermitage 5 *, Sport Hotel Village 4 *, Sport Hotel 4 *. The favorite place after the ski holiday is the thermal waters and massage salons of the health-improving complex Caldea, in the suburbs of the Andorran capital.

Having decided to spend a vacation in the mountains immediately after the New Year holidays, you can relax more economically. Meanwhile, the season is just beginning!


Spanish Sierra Nevada – the choice of those who want to conquer the snowy slopes, and at the same time see the most interesting cities of Andalusia: Seville, Cordoba, Granada. The southernmost resort in Europe is located 60 km from Malaga and 32 km from Granada. Sierra Nevada is truly a royal resort, because it is here, in the “snowy mountains” (as the name translates), comes the king of Spain for a ski holiday!
Lovers of the mountains will have what to choose among 45 tracks. Desperate – the track for parallel slalom, romantics – night skiing on the illuminated slopes of El Rio.

There are more than 15 ski schools in the Sierra Nevada, and for those who are just taking the “first steps” on skis, there are Russian-speaking instructors.
In the New Year’s weekly tour, you will rest at the ski resort, meet the New Year in Spanish, and Melia Sierra Nevada 4 *, Melia Sol y Nieve 4 * will be a wonderful choice for accommodation.

Choose your snow resort for a winter holiday, and cozy chalets, villas, hotels in sunny valleys will offer guaranteed rooms even in the high season! Relax, recharge yourselves with the energy of the mountain sun for the whole year! And let it be the season of the most comfortable skis!